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2 Messages for todayDate : 2014-22-10
5054DiehoserrettingrWe have activity! Now we just need some pictures.2014-22-10, 12:51
5053SkollielucciHi Dude wassup 2014-28-08, 10:46
1 Messages for todayDate : 2014-28-08
5050cavemanjoechrisOi , I almost forgot how much fun this is!2012-02-11, 14:05
1 Messages for todayDate : 2012-02-11
5049lombardchrisMerry Christmas and a prosperous 2012 to everyone who visits this site!2011-13-12, 18:21
1 Messages for todayDate : 2011-13-12
5045DiehoserlombardWelcome back Lombard, haven't seen you in a while.2011-28-04, 11:41
1 Messages for todayDate : 2011-28-04
5044lombardMr.THey Mr T. What's ur surname?2011-16-04, 18:15
1 Messages for todayDate : 2011-16-04
5041MikeLoonierlol im back man! actualy remem this site! u doing dam well for urself hey2010-07-09, 10:21
1 Messages for todayDate : 2010-07-09
5039DiehoserchrisMy "Butter *****" just burned to the ground!, 15:45
1 Messages for todayDate : 2010-15-06
4939cavemanjoeLoonierJip, had to endure the smell of burnt hair for a while.... Congrats on becoming Stand-up, you truly deserve the rank!2009-19-01, 05:03
1 Messages for todayDate : 2009-19-01
4933chrisALLHi All! Check out the new "quickies" on the left <------- !2009-15-01, 19:15
1 Messages for todayDate : 2009-15-01
4919lombardchrisMerry Christmas 2 Chris and 2 ALL U HAPPY PEOPLE USIN THIS SITE!2008-22-12, 14:17
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-22-12
4918Stonecrackchrisyeah i come back every now and again2008-18-12, 09:36
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-18-12
4904DiehoserchrisQuickie idea - Elder: When I was your age.....2008-03-12, 00:00
5 Messages for todayDate : 2008-02-12
4903chrisTheR@ndomGuyNice ones! Just short a couple more....2008-02-12, 16:02
4902TheR@ndomGuychris'I remember when...'2008-02-12, 09:27
4901TheR@ndomGuychris'I don't like you because...'2008-02-12, 09:26
4900TheR@ndomGuyALLAnother quickie, 'You know you should go on a diet when...'2008-02-12, 09:24
4899TheR@ndomGuychrisHey Chris, just a random quickie idea: "A really bad way to die would be..."2008-02-12, 09:22
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-02-12
4898DiehoserALLA quickie idea, "Things you shouldn't say to your mother-in-law"2008-01-12, 16:07
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-01-12
4896dooshchrisyou know you've done too many drugs when...2008-30-11, 11:12
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-30-11
4894chrisExplodedMelonHey nice one! More please!2008-28-11, 15:31
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-28-11
4892ExplodedMelonchrisAn idea 4 a quickie, nt sure if its been done or not... "You know you're in trouble when..."2008-27-11, 19:23
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-27-11
4891chrisALLStill need about 7 "quickie" sugggestions so keep 'em coming. The more open ended the better!2008-25-11, 18:32
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-25-11
4887DiehoserchrisAn Idea for a quickie "You know it's time to re-boot when...."2008-21-11, 14:25
3 Messages for todayDate : 2008-20-11
4881chrisALLHi all, I think it's about time we get a new batch of "Quickies"! Any suggestions welcome. Loved the "Conversation Killers" from the previous batch!2008-20-11, 18:04
4879chrisrj_10Welcome welcome rj_10! I see you even tried out the poster generator. Good job!2008-20-11, 17:52
4875HutchinatorchrisHey chris, this is HeAreMexicanButNot again. I can't log on anymore and can't create a new account because my e-mail address has already been used. Could you try to re-send the activation e-mail to ?2008-20-11, 13:53
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-20-11
4871chrisALLHey! I made some optimizations to the site to improve the speed of the most accessed pages. Please let me know if it's working a-ok or if this causes any bugs! 2008-18-11, 18:51
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-18-11
4870darkhchrislooks like its you and me today2008-15-11, 09:20
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-15-11
4869dooshLooniernice one on the motivational poster... had a good chuckle... once i worked it out!2008-14-11, 14:15
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-14-11
4864chrisHeAreMexicanButNotHAHAHA - hey, at least you're winning the best voter award hands down....hahahaha - ok - should all be fixed tomorrow.2008-13-11, 18:50
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-13-11
4862The_Saints_MistresschrisDude have u ever heard of Russell Peters? If u havnt check him out on you tube or something or download his dvd, his a BRILLIANT stand up comedian!! along with Dane Cook, his also pretty excellent!2008-10-11, 15:43
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-10-11
4860darkhALLThis one is ripe for puns...woo hoo!2008-07-11, 07:46
5 Messages for todayDate : 2008-05-11
4850The_Saints_MistressBertbroodThanks Beaner :D in the male dominated site of 1liner it gets tough \:|/2008-05-11, 10:14
4849BertbroodThe_Saints_MistressHi Saint, congrats on the top 10...we can all stick it up on our CV...maybe not.2008-05-11, 08:04
4848dooshdarkhawareness! shot for yesterday big guy...2008-05-11, 07:46
4847darkhdooshDude, loving the Triumph references!2008-05-11, 07:27
4845The_Saints_MistressdarkhWoah dude u got 1st 2nd AND 3rd place yesterday! Congratulations =)2008-05-11, 07:13
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-05-11
4835dooshALLnice guys... chuffed about the increase in site usage :)2008-27-10, 12:42
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-21-10
4824chrisThe_Saints_MistressYa! Init cool? Some nice voting going on as well! Cmon, invite some more people!2008-21-10, 17:34
4823The_Saints_MistresschrisOla Chris, i see we have some new comers 2008-21-10, 13:43
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-21-10
4822chrisALLNice job on the "pic not found" pic! LOL! Will keep the pic, sorry for the slip up...tough weekend...2008-19-10, 19:14
3 Messages for todayDate : 2008-17-10
4818darkhdooshWhy thank you. Kind of enjoyed that myself!2008-17-10, 20:06
4817dooshdarkhhand of ***... nice!2008-17-10, 15:02
4815darkhchristraffic seems to be on the up! the new addition must be doing the job?2008-17-10, 14:51
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-17-10
4805darkhTheR@ndomGuyNice one random guy. A win on your first day.2008-15-10, 05:15
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-13-10
4793chrisALLJust make sure to remove some buggy characters from the text, and do a preview to see the layout.Lemme know whatcha think!2008-13-10, 07:15
4792chrisALLHi! See that icon under the main picture? Click on it to create Motivational Posters using your favorite 1Liners or your own captions! 2008-13-10, 07:15
3 Messages for todayDate : 2008-10-10
4790dooshdarkhmzansi fo sho!2008-10-10, 18:18
4789darkhdooshThe best was his safari hat!2008-10-10, 16:17
4788dooshdarkhthanks dude... dug yours too... totally had spaceballs flashbacks!2008-10-10, 13:45
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-08-10
4774chrisALLOK, putting the final touches on the new upcoming mystery feature. I'm also using a few teqniques that I will incorporate on the main My1Liner site. Not too long now...2008-08-10, 20:00
4771LoonierdarkhThanks. Multiple posts day after day do bring in the points. I hope there's the odd good one amongst the chaff...2008-08-10, 07:45
5 Messages for todayDate : 2008-07-10
4768chrisLoonierWOW!'s 1'st Stand-Up!! Well done Len!2008-07-10, 19:17
4767darkhLoonierWell done on the 10 000. Super effort!2008-07-10, 15:00
4766darkhToyMachinethanks mr machine2008-07-10, 14:44
4765ToyMachineLex_Clericonline2008-07-10, 13:22
4764ToyMachinedarkhwelcome back drol2008-07-10, 13:16
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-07-10
4763chrisALLTop of the mornin' to ye! Ok, been up all night working on the "new feature". Hey, good things take time!2008-03-10, 04:44
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-01-10
4761dooshdarkhyup... and putting forth the most decisive of arguments! don't you just love it?2008-01-10, 12:46
4760darkhdooshThis is so exciting, just popped in to keep tabs and, weird, ToyMachine is whining like a little girl!2008-01-10, 04:39
3 Messages for todayDate : 2008-30-09
4759dooshToyMachinereally?? why thank you i would never have guessed otherwise... silly me!!2008-30-09, 12:15
4758ToyMachineLoonierI will take your mother out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again!2008-30-09, 10:18
4757ToyMachinedooshyour name is spelt wrong2008-30-09, 06:49
9 Messages for todayDate : 2008-29-09
4756dooshchrisoh cool... the suspense is killing me! :)2008-29-09, 18:22
4755chrisdooshOn a different topic, I'm hard at work on a feature that will add a whole new angle to! It should also increase the traffic a lot. 2008-29-09, 17:38
4754chrisLoonierI agree with doosh, as you yourself once put it, you keep the site ticking over! Rain or shine, you post your lines, thanks for the loyal support!2008-29-09, 17:36
4753dooshLooniersorry... agressive and angry about something that, at the end of the day, is relatively frivolous...2008-29-09, 17:00
4752dooshLoonierdon't! keep posting, i find them funny, even if it doesn't follow the world according to toymachine, thats why i left for ages, besides i thought the site was about having fun... why do people get so ****?2008-29-09, 16:57
4750LoonierToyMachineYou're right, I bow to your superior wisdom and your strong record of entertaining and superlative postings. I suppose using the name "Loonier" is far less sophisticated than "Sex Kitten". Maybe I should take a break, perhaps permanent - happy?2008-29-09, 13:19
4748ToyMachineLoonier6 lines all with underlined words for 27 Sept... dude you need to get a life!2008-29-09, 13:02
4747LoonierToyMachinechris: Please, if it can be done, give ToyMachine special dispensation to frown up to 8 of my lines a day. I ask only that it be restricted to the day of posting, not unlimited retroactivity. I might remind Toy the he(?), too, can multipost. 2008-29-09, 12:59
4746ToyMachineLoonieri wish could frown more of your lines, its unfair. if you can submit 8 lines a day i should be able to frown the kak ones2008-29-09, 12:49
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-29-09
4744chrisALLHi All! I'm currently adding a NEW FEATURE to It should be completed next week some time, so watch this space.....2008-26-09, 18:47
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-26-09
4720chrisdooshI agree doosh! More voting y'all. Just click on the smiley faces one by one after you've submitted your 1liner. It's real easy.2008-09-09, 16:06
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-08-09
4717The_Saints_MistressToyMachineactually its 2399. one more and its 2400 :D2008-08-09, 12:28
4714ToyMachineThe_Saints_Mistresswow 2317 votes! thats amazing2008-08-09, 11:48
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-07-09
4705dooshALLsorry... is...2008-07-09, 06:53
4704dooshALLkids... what ios up with the lack of voting lately... this whole thing kinda seems to lose the point with out it??2008-07-09, 06:41
5 Messages for todayDate : 2008-04-09
4698chrisALLWant to know when last a user logged in - just click on their name and see the Last Login textbox - should display something like "3 days ago"....2008-04-09, 17:18
4697chrisALLCheckout the Quotes page. New quotes will now appear on top!! Weeeee!!!2008-04-09, 17:13
4696chrisHiranHillarious quote Hiran! "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic...and so am I."2008-04-09, 16:35
4695chrisMr_TNe man, ek laaik Ant_RSA se lyne. Dis 10 keer beter as enige van die ongeletterde swanger crack-wh0res op date rape drugs wat ek ken2008-04-09, 16:30
4694Mr_TAnt_RSAAnthony, kry jy 'n ongeletterde swanger Crack-***** op date-rape drugs om jou lines te skryf?2008-04-09, 15:39
5 Messages for todayDate : 2008-29-08
4680chrisLoonierAlmost at the "Stand-Up" level! Go Loonier!2008-29-08, 11:00
4675The_Saints_Mistresschrisi mean frowning,2008-29-08, 10:09
4674The_Saints_MistresschrisSome1's going around spamming everyone and its not meh :|2008-29-08, 10:08
4673chrisToyMachineSheesh! 9 maande...ek weet nie veel van kinders af nie maar ek weet dat sodra hulle begin praat dit 'n ander storie raak. Kan kinders al loop op 9 maande? Sien, ek weet niks..hahahaha2008-29-08, 09:59
4670ToyMachinechrisDie lines lyk maar kak deesdae? (nie joune nie)2008-29-08, 07:26
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-29-08
4664dooshchriswowee, thanks for the speedy voting, i just put all of those on!2008-22-08, 14:33
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-22-08
4663chrisALLWhoops! Sorry - I only uploaded tloday's pic bad!2008-20-08, 10:19
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-20-08
4652chrisLoonierOi Loonier! Nice reco lines!2008-11-08, 17:44
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-11-08
4648dooshLooniernice! i like your dedication to the cause!2008-04-08, 09:16
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-04-08
4643dooshLoonierthanks for the recos, and yes the weekend is going to be amazing, apart from having to work, but other than that, amazing...2008-26-07, 09:53
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-22-07
4638lombardLoonierHi! Thanx 4 ur recommendations on my 1 liners! Good 2c some1 appreci8s good humour! :)2008-22-07, 20:08
4637lombardchrisHi Chris! Thought I'd say hi from a COLD Kimberley. On a visit here. Thanks 4 the "laughter" on this day ended sh*t...and all I had 2do was vote on the oneliners and get a laugh out of it. CHEERS! and HI! to every1 else on the site! :)2008-22-07, 20:03
1 Messages for todayDate : 2008-22-07
4621The_Saints_MistresschrisDanke :)2008-15-07, 07:27
2 Messages for todayDate : 2008-14-07
4618chrisThe_Saints_MistressHehehehe nice quote - "When work gets overwhelming, Remember ur gonna die."2008-14-07, 18:41
4615chrisALLHI ALL! You can now view COMMENTS and RECOS by just hovering above this ICON on the main page. Yeah!2008-14-07, 18:24
1 Messages for today Date : 2008-14-07
4613chrisALLThe thumbnails are gonna suck for the next couple of days... i lost my cool thumbnail maker they might seem stretched....sorry...2008-09-07, 19:58
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